Mental Illness and Real Life



Between the high profile suicide of Robin Williams, a tragic loss of a hilarious and fine actor, as well as the awareness being built surrounding the tragedy of Rick Warren’s son, , mental Illness has been on the Christian radar a lot as of late.

This struggle hits close to home for myself and my family, as my wife has struggled with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) since a very traumatic event in her life 12 years ago.  I will not share specifics but know that she was traumatized and had to relive that trauma multiple times in a short period of time where she almost took her own life, like Williams and Warren did do.

Not only is it a struggle to live with such trauma, but it is almost equally a struggle to be a Christian believer and live with the expectations, imposed from both inside and out.  It can be difficult for other Christians to understand the plight of someone with a mental illness, but a good portion of the population of America struggles with it in one form or another and it is important for people to speak up and speak for those with mental illnesses.

My wife thought it was time to speak up and add her voice as one that can understand and advocate with those who struggle with PTSD and other mental illnesses.  She wrote a great post I wanted to share here so that you, fine reader, can get help or help someone with a mental illness.  You are not alone in this struggle, and my wife speaks beautifully to that in her post over at Our Bit of Chaos.

Click on the post title to read my wife’s post: …Robin Williams…Mental Illness…and Real Life…