Review | Chappie

Check out my review of Chappie, the new Neill Blomkamp movie, at Reel World Theology. It wasn’t really that great but it certainly has a lot of things to say and talk about:

Chappie Review at Reel World Theology

Podcast review at Reel World Theology coming later this month and featuring yours truly!


Review | As It Is In Heaven

Here’s my latest review over at Reel World Theology on the movie As It Is In Heaven. It is the directorial debut of Joshua Overbay and it has been getting a lot of play among my circle of Christian cinephile compatriots. It’s a thoughtful and terrifying look at spiritual abuse and the interpersonal relationships of a Christian cult.

Click on the link below and let me know what you think and make sure to follow my work over at Reel World Theology.

As It IS In Heaven Review – Reel World Theology