Jupiter Ascending and Choose Your Own Theology

Was back on the mic podcasting with Fizz, my compatriot at RWT, and Elijah Davidson from Reel Spirituality talking about Jupiter Ascending. Check it out over at Reel World Theology.

Jupiter Ascending and Choose Your Own Theology


The First Time We Saw Him


I am a regular and very avid listener to podcasts.  My favorite time to listen to podcasts is when I am conscious.  Rarely will I complete the menial tasks of my work day without listening to the Cracked podcast, Extratime Radio, /Film podcast, sermons, Comedy Bang Bang, etc.

Yesterday I got around to listening to one of my favorite podcasts on the whole wide internets, the Storymen podcast.  I instantly knew I would love this podcast when I first listened since it combines my three favorite obsessions and passions; theology, pop culture and history!  It says it right on their main banner!  (Could this count as my, “When I First Heard Them” moment?)

Anywho, they have some great guests on the show, talk about really interesting and engaging topics, and I love it when they get around to talking story, narrative, and culture.  Speaking of story, this past Friday they interviewed one of their own, Matt Mikalatos, on his new book, “The First Time We Saw Him.”

His new book is an effort to re-tell Jesus’ parables in a more culturally updated form.  When Jesus told a parable, he was striving to make the audience who heard it, and us, the readers, through the gospel writers, feel uncomfortable and confront their traditional and errant views of salvation, justice, obedience, etc.  Mikalatos’ new book aims for us to feel uncomfortable and the confrontational power of those stories by contextualizing the stories for a modern day audience that might not get the significance of the racially and heretically offensive Samaritan or the significance of a lost sheep.  Trust me, he shares those two stories and they are really powerful and I can only imagine the rest of the book has just as much substance.  I highly recommend listening to this podcast.

LISTEN to the podcast – “The First Time We Saw Him”

Even more than listening to the podcast, pick up Matt’s book that drops today!  I plan on picking up a copy and doing one of those binge reads where you ignore most of life until you’re done!  It’s only $9.99 on the Kindle and $11.24 in paperback.

The First Time We Saw Him
Click here to pick up a copy!