Jupiter Ascending and Choose Your Own Theology

Was back on the mic podcasting with Fizz, my compatriot at RWT, and Elijah Davidson from Reel Spirituality talking about Jupiter Ascending. Check it out over at Reel World Theology.

Jupiter Ascending and Choose Your Own Theology


Important Updates! (Don’t Restart Your Computer)


It’s been awhile since I have updated personally on what’s been going on.  I started this blog as a semi-personal update blog and a place to slap all my writings, but it has grown a bit more beyond that and I wanted to share some really cool updates.

First of all, as I mentioned in an earlier post from January, I have been spending the better part of the past 10-ish months as the church planting intern at Appleton Gospel in Appleton, WI.  It has been an incredible experience with some great chances to preach, counsel, lead, and learn.  David, our lead pastor, is an exceptional leader and friend that I have enjoyed spending time with and learning from.  As of last week Friday, we had our follow-up meeting on the assessment process and now approved to church plant with the EFCA!  +4 Church Planting Powers!  Tina and I are both very excited to continue on this journey towards planting a church, and you can now expect some regular updates on us, where we will be planting, and what’s next and how you can pray and help!  We would love to hear from you and , Lord willing, join us in planting the gospel in a community of the Fox Valley!

Second, since I last did a personal update on here, Tina’s cake decorating and cupcake business has exploded!  I have always reaped the insane benefits of her baking mastery, but things have gone crazy around here.  She now has a cupcake club for the local Appleton and Fox Valley area and is delivering cupcakes to a bunch of people twice a month.  She is designing and decorating the cake for my brother Nick’s wedding in October, and I couldn’t be more excited for the future.  The dream is to one day have a brick and mortar location, but one step at a time to that goal!

Also, she has been writing as of late, as well.  I shared one of her posts here last week, and I wanted to highlight going to her blog to read all her posts.  She typically writes once a week on topics that personally relate to her life as a wife and mother, but is honest and true to the struggles of life as well as the joys.  She writes at OUR BIT OF CHAOS.  I love her and I love her writing, and I am positive you will love her writing, as well.

Lastly, after some conversations I had over the past week and culminating on Tuesday night with Mikey Fissel of Reel World Theology, I have officially joined Reel World Theology as a content creator for weekly posts on the site as well as sometimes co-host for the Reel World Theology Podcast.  Fizz contacted me shortly after I started Movie Church, which I posted about last week, and it made total sense for the two of us to combine our like-minded goals and merge what I was starting with Movie Church into what Fizz has already been doing with Reel World Theology.  Movie Church is no more but it is new beginnings with new friends at Reel World Theology.

What Fizz has done with Reel World Theology is fantastic and I am super excited to join him in helping people to redeem entertainment and see the reflection of God’s character in the movies and TV shows we watch.  You can read that daily content starting September 16th and I will link to where to find that content below.  Thanks for supporting me and Movie Church!  The journey is not over, it now has a different name.

Thanks for all who care and now that some pieces are being put in place, I will be writing on ministry, culture, movies, etc. on here a bit more often than I did over our busy summer.


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The First Time We Saw Him


I am a regular and very avid listener to podcasts.  My favorite time to listen to podcasts is when I am conscious.  Rarely will I complete the menial tasks of my work day without listening to the Cracked podcast, Extratime Radio, /Film podcast, sermons, Comedy Bang Bang, etc.

Yesterday I got around to listening to one of my favorite podcasts on the whole wide internets, the Storymen podcast.  I instantly knew I would love this podcast when I first listened since it combines my three favorite obsessions and passions; theology, pop culture and history!  It says it right on their main banner!  (Could this count as my, “When I First Heard Them” moment?)

Anywho, they have some great guests on the show, talk about really interesting and engaging topics, and I love it when they get around to talking story, narrative, and culture.  Speaking of story, this past Friday they interviewed one of their own, Matt Mikalatos, on his new book, “The First Time We Saw Him.”

His new book is an effort to re-tell Jesus’ parables in a more culturally updated form.  When Jesus told a parable, he was striving to make the audience who heard it, and us, the readers, through the gospel writers, feel uncomfortable and confront their traditional and errant views of salvation, justice, obedience, etc.  Mikalatos’ new book aims for us to feel uncomfortable and the confrontational power of those stories by contextualizing the stories for a modern day audience that might not get the significance of the racially and heretically offensive Samaritan or the significance of a lost sheep.  Trust me, he shares those two stories and they are really powerful and I can only imagine the rest of the book has just as much substance.  I highly recommend listening to this podcast.

LISTEN to the podcast – “The First Time We Saw Him”

Even more than listening to the podcast, pick up Matt’s book that drops today!  I plan on picking up a copy and doing one of those binge reads where you ignore most of life until you’re done!  It’s only $9.99 on the Kindle and $11.24 in paperback.

The First Time We Saw Him
Click here to pick up a copy!