…Stay Sweet My Boy…

I already knew this story and it still made me cry. Love our big man and my wife for sharing this simple, yet sweet, story.


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This is my sweet boy.  My oldest little man.  The most intelligent 6 year old I know (seriously, he multiplied 23 x 7 yesterday at church). He’s skipped 1st grade, has one season of soccer under his belt and is constantly thinking.  Often I joke that he is an old man stuck in a 6-year-old body, but I really do believe that most of the time.  He’s an old soul–whether in good ways or bad (cranky old man anyone?).

Micah Joseph has always had a sweet heart.  He’s a tender kid, who often will become emotional during movies when he isn’t sure how it will turn out.  But he also can be pretty rude and arrogant, so please don’t get the impression that he’s the perfect kid. 🙂  Micah and I are very similar in nature.  Not necessarily intelligence…

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