5 Pros and 5 Cons from Gareth Edwards’ Godzilla


I made a pretty big deal about seeing Gareth Edward’s take on the new Godzilla movie.  I had read in multiple places, namely interviews Edwards had given to British press and the Daily Beast, that Edward’s was going to harken back to the original 1954 film by Ishiro Honda.  After watching Godzilla (1954) a couple days before seeing Godzilla (2014) I am thankful my palette has been cleansed of the vomit-inducingly bad Godzilla (1998) and there are now two quality cinematic Godzilla movies.  The B-movies, however, are a different story of awesomeness.

All of that aside, I still had some troubles with this movie and I don’t think the movie gets a pass on critiques for making a movie that trumps the aforementioned Emmerich disaster.  Overall, Edwards’ aim is true and the movie delivers on the popcorn fun as well as some pathos (albeit more for Godzilla and others) and truth that allows us to dig deeper and take this movie beyond the four walls of the local cinema.

Without further ado, I offer up my not really that spoiler free and equitable 5 Pros and 5 Cons of Gareth Edwards’ summer epic, Godzilla.  Per the usual, each point is delicately constructed into tweetable form as to make them easy to digest, simple to share, and fun for the whole person reading this.


Slow Reveal of Godzilla

The build up to the MUTOs & #Godzilla is unexpected for a popcorn #movie, suspenseful & masterfully done #edgeofmyseat #heartpalpitations

Cranston brought much needed gravitas to Godzilla. And there was much rejoicing.

Bryan Cranston

An aptly Harrison Ford-esque performance from the star of #BreakingBad was magnificent and I can’t wait 2 see him in more #movies #Godzilla

Monster Fights!

Monster fights not overdone, far from boring, & epic! #Godzilla wasting the MUTO with fire down it’s throat is worth the whole #movie ticket

MUTO Snuggles

The MUTO cuddle scene made me sad #Godzilla had 2 pound them into Mothra burgers.  Edwards’ proves chops at making sympathetic #monsters

godzilla-jump-skyBeautiful Scenes/FX

Halo jump, plane malfunction scene, Golden Gate Bridge scene & camera perspective make #Godzilla visually stunning & awe-inducing in scale


Slow Reveal of Godzilla

The build up to the monsters is agonizing & at times you needed 2 be reminded you were watching a #Godzilla #movie #WherestheZilla? #CmonMan

Flat Characters

Only Cranston stood out.  So many good actors, so little quality script.  #Godzilla was more human than Ford Brody #Imseriously

Unfortunately, this box had more dimension than most of the characters.  Hooray for box!
Unfortunately, this box had more dimension than most of the characters. Hooray for box!

Monorail Scene

1 minute Ford is holding on for dear life, a new sequence starts & he magically survived & is looking for survivors #Godzilla #badediting

Narrative Silliness

Ford Brody is always at the center of disaster & it follows him across the Pacific. Lazy writing makes story silly & improbable #Godzilla


North Haverbrook and Marge still aren't sure how Ford made it out alive.
North Haverbrook and Marge still aren’t sure how Ford made it out alive.

Military Inaccuracies

Every soldier knew exactly what was going on.  I saw #Godzilla with 2 army vets.  They assured me this is dumb & ridiculous #story oversight




Overall I thought this movie was more than what I bargained for.  It was worth dropping the ticket on and I would see it again for the suspenseful build up, the stunning visuals, and of course, Godzilla fighting the MUTOs and the “How About a Little Fire Scarecrow?” scene.  Despite the flat, boring characters and narrative holes, I loved the homages to the original movie and am again thankful this is a much better film than Emmerich’s Godzilla.  Fine work, Mr. Edwards.  A special shoutout to Bryan Cranston, as well.  It is a shame there was not more of you in this movie.



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