Sounding Board: Remembering God in the Deep



Some amazing wisdom I have received from David, pastor at Appleton Gospel and cool guy extraordinaire, on preaching is that some weeks you feel like you botch a sermon and wish it could be locked in a vault in the Nevada desert.  The worse feeling in the world is while you are preaching a sermon you can simultaneously be saying the words, wishing you could say them over, analyzing your second point and that it is not good enough, praying the Spirit speaks to one person, and wondering why some person towards the back is giving you this horrified look like they are watching an autopsy.

However, like the giant, female MUTO from the new Godzilla movie (spoiler alert!), your sermon hatches and breaks out of said vault in Nevada desert and instead of leaving a levelled Las Vegas, it leaves a swath of happy feels when you finally listen to it and get feedback from people who remember your points, think you did a great job, and will remember and pray over what you peached on.  It is those weeks that it is readily apparent this preaching thing is the Holy Spirit’s work and not mine.  Thank God He is sovereign whether I preach with a silver tongue or like a bumbling fool!

All that being said, here is my sermon from Sunday on Jonah 2; Remembering God in the Deep.  Click on the Appleton Gospel logo to download the MP3 or listen to the Podcast at by clicking on the sermon title.  Thanks everyone and your feedback, comments, questions, death threats, snide remarks, and corporate endorsements are very much appreciated.





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