Re:View – Summer Movie Series

Film Reel Friday


I wanted to get the Film Reel Friday post in early this week to announce a new chapter in the 13Past1 universe.  Last summer, I kicked around being able to get into a summer movie series where we can gather together and talk about the themes and narratives that shape the movies we watch.  I believe that the movies we watch are not just mindless entertainment, but the movies and TV shows that we watch are preaching something to us.  As a Christian I believe that every time we tune in to the big screen or small screen we can keep our minds and our hearts turned on to analyze and determine what those stories are telling us.

Martin Scorsese famously said of the silver screen, to paraphrase, that movie theaters are modern day churches.  Nowadays that expands to include what we see on TV. With the dawn of HBO, AMC, USA, and other cable networks bringing us epic, movie-like shows in the vein of Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, and the Sopranos, it is more like our screens, big and small alike, are the modern day church.  In our expandingly de-churched society, movie theaters and living rooms are becoming the dominant place where people in American culture go to sit quietly, listen attentively, and discuss afterwards what they just saw.  It is no coincidence that Sunday nights are a growing area of syndication for shows like The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones (arguably the two most popular shows on TV).  TV and movies have become our preferred form of Sabbath after a long hard week of work.  The small/big screen has become our modern day pulpit.

All that being said, as a Christian, I believe it is part of our daily worship and discipleship not to unplug from media, but to engage it in order not only to see and hear what the culture at large values and loves, but also to draw what is good and what is not from movies and TV.  We can gain valuable insight not only into where the good news of Jesus Christ can speak to the culture, but also where we can find the truth of the gospel in what we watch.  Everything from sacrifice and love in Frozen to depravity and sin in Reservoir Dogs, there are kernels and full blossoms of God’s image and God’s truth in the stories we watch and listen to.

This is the heart behind adding the Re:View posts and section to 13Past1.  Re:View’s mission is, “reviewing movies with God in view.”  I am hoping this can come to fruition in movie reviews, YouTube reviews, and in the start of the Re:View podcast by the end of this summer.

In the meantime, I have begun the setup and execution with the help of my friend, Dick McCarthy, to bring to you the Re:View Summer Movie Series!  We’re launching four viewings over the summer months to watch a major motion picture, eat popcorn, and then discuss said movie and how this connects to our lives, experiences, faith, and God.  You can see the poster below for more details on our first event on June 13th and you can also click the poster to be taken to the brand new Re:View landing page on this sight.  Thanks for the support you have shown me in this endeavor and I am really excited to be launching into the next season of fun here at 13Past1!

Re-View Summer Movie Series Announcement - Frozen (1)

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