5 Summer Movies to See With The Dudes

Film Reel Friday

Last week I posted, 5 Movies to See With Your Sweetie, which is a wonderful quintet of movies to see with your significant other.  Today I am charting a brand new course on the Oregon Trail of “5 Summer Movies” and exploring 5  movies to see with your “brosephs” during the upcoming summer months.  So grab your homies and a box of  44 ounce popcorn and tune your collective minds to these 5 highly anticipated moving pictures coming soon to a theater near you.

1DvcR1fX-Men: Days of Future Past – Out in theaters today!  Why aren’t you there?!?

Sending Wolverine into the past?  Awesome.  Sentinels?  Yes!  Jennifer Lawrence as Raven/Mystique?  Cool and great actress.  Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage) as Dr. Bolivar Trask?  Awesome choice!  Very excited for this movie and it comes out today!  The dudes will come for the X-Men awesomeness and stay for the fantastic cast of actors/actresses and a movie based on one of the better story arcs from the X-Men comics.  This gets a full 5 points on the dude scale and another 5 points for acting cred.  Really good early reviews for this film are great and this movie will definitely start conversations about community, survival, and Hugh Jackman.

file_174889_0_snowpiercer_posterSnowpiercer – Out in theaters June 11th

This movie was actually released in South Korea last year, apparently, but is coming to theaters in America this summer.  The early reviews are quite positive, and if it gets one more review from a critic on Metacritic it will jump to the top of the list of movies already released.  This film is a dystopian reality where the only people left on earth live on a train named “Snowpiercer”.  It looks to be an awesome mix of action and pathos that explores morality, social division, and the struggle for survival amidst social and environmental chaos.  Gets a solid 4/5 on the dude scale.

edgeoftomorrowposterEdge of TomorrowOut in theaters June 6th

I’m up in the air about this one.  I put it on here because I don’t think Transformers: Age of Extinction is going to be very good.  Tom Cruise (summer popcorn movie veteran) is a soldier in a war with aliens (in the synopsis they say “with aliens”, so you are not really sure if it is against aliens or he is in the alien army) and he finds himself reliving his last battle over and over.  Apparently, it is Groundhog Day meets Star Wars, but probably not nearly as good.  It’s a dude movie because of all the “shoot em’ up, tear em’ up” action, but may be intriguingly different due to the unique premise.  Stay Tuned on whether this is any good, but I’m sure the action will not disappoint.  3 out of 5 on the dude scale.

apes1Dawn of the Planet of the Apes – Out in theaters July 11th

I honestly can’t remember if I have seen Rise of the Planet of the Apes.  I don’t think I have, but I remember seeing the terrible remake of Planet of the Apes in the theaters.  I am hesitant on reboots, especially of already classic films, but technically this is not a reboot.  I heard good things about Rise of the Planet of the Apes and I continue to hear a building anticipation surrounding this film.  It’s not in my “Must See” category, but this is definitely one to hit up the theaters for the action and the dialogue it can create.  Like Snowpiercer, it explores social division in the midst of dystopia, as well as war and conflict in that environment.  A probably less desirable topic is addressing humans care of earth and our proclivity towards being fearful or anything different from us.  I give this a solid 4 out of 5 on the dude scale.

Guardians-of-the-Galaxy-Wide-560x282Guardians of the Galaxy – Out in theaters August 1st

Yes!  THIS is the movie I will be waiting all summer to see.  Not only does this movie look incredible, but it is the latest offering from the Marvel Universe that has already brought us one of the best films of this year (Captain American: Winter Soldier).  So much I could write about this film and why I am looking forward to it, but lets leave it at witty and hilarious dialogue, five heroes who are not super-humans or super-aliens, and tons of space action.  Explores themes of community, law and morality, and second chances.  Think of these five guardians as five Han Solos who, despite their criminal pasts, are thrown into a galactic battle to save the galaxy from evil and do good for a change.  I give this 6 out of 5 on the dude scale for awesome movie plus sheer excitement.  If you see one movie this summer, see Guardians of the Galaxy.

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