A Deluge of Information: Two Podcasts Worth Checking Out on the Noah Movie

Maximus is Noah


It kills me that I still haven’t seen this movie.  I have ingested so much information on Aronofsky’s Noah that I certainly already know what happens, but I still want to see it.  What does one do when you have four kids, a full-time job, and a church planting internship?  Wait until it is released for everyday consumption…Oh well.

Any who, I spent a couple hours with two fantastic podcasts on the Noah movie, and the discussion was fascinating and the opinions varied.  I wish I could add my two cents, but it seems silly since I haven’t seen this film yet.  However, if you have seen the movie or just want to know more, check out these two podcasts to get your fill of Aronofsky’s newest film.

Reel World Theology – Noah and a Flood of Biblical Interpretation – If you are looking for some great discussion from a purely Christian perspective, this is fantastic.  I especially enjoyed Elijah Lovejoy’s critical take on Aronofsky’s Noah versus the Christian Noah.  Honestly, the label “Christian” Noah are not his words, but is really a look at how Noah is pictured by the New Testament authors, specifically Paul and Peter.

This is my go-to podcast for things theology and movies.  Mr. Fissell (nicknamed Fizz) and I share the common catalyst/influencer of the Harlemanic himself, James Harleman, and his podcasts are worth the hour plus to get a great take on film and theology.  I have spent many a nights doing the dishes and listening.

Storymen Podcast – The NOAH Movie – For a slightly more encompassing look at the Noah movie, check out the podcast from the Storymen.  They invite an Orthodox Jewish Rabbi, Rabbi Eliyahu Fink to join their discussion and offer a Jewish and Christian perspective on the movie.  Mikey Fissell from the Real World Theology podcast joins them, as well, so you got a two for one in this post.

I found this to be a challenge intellectually and theologically, which is why I liked it so much.  It took me out of my comfort zone to hear a Rabbi’s perspective on the film and to hear the commonalities and how much more of Aronofsky’s Noah was a Jewish film than a Christian one.  It’s too easy for us to forget that Christian’s aren’t the only ones that subscribe to the diluvian narrative of Noah.  I highly recommend this podcast for an intellectual challenge and to help see things from a different perspective if you are a Christian.

As a bonus, the Storymen came back with an extra half hour specifically looking at the Noah movie and the accusations/commendations for this movie being pro-environment or having a tree-hugging hippie/vegetarian vibe.  NOAH and Ecology explores that with the same guests of Fizz and Rabbi Fink.

Consarnit I want to see this movie!


4 thoughts on “A Deluge of Information: Two Podcasts Worth Checking Out on the Noah Movie

    1. Thanks JR. Love the Storymen podcast and I’ll probably have to wait to see it until it comes out on digital release. I don’t think my wife is up for seeing it. Thanks for reading and checking out the blog, as well.

  1. Hey, i just saw you linked us. I also thank you for the kind words. i am glad you enjoyed BOTH these podcasts. i felt between RWT & The StoryMen, we looked at the film from a lot of different angles.

    I am humbled and flattered!

    1. Hey man, the RWT podcast was really awesome. I also caught your longer contribution on the MovieByte podcast and that was really great, as well.

      Keep up the good work and inspiring people to have conversations and talking about the themes and stories in movies!

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