Sounding Board : Ask, Seek, Knock

Appleton Gospel

It is rare that I want to share the sermons that I preach.  Martin Lloyd-Jones famously said he wouldn’t cross the street to hear himself preach.  If you know MLJ, you know people would beat up their grandmas to hear him preach back in the day.

However, I actually was disciplined (and properly handcuffed) and listened to my sermon in full and thought it would be worth sharing to get your encouragement, feedback, comments, insults, and/or death threats.

It’s about forty minutes, so if you have the time to burn, your listening would be mightily appreciated.   Click the vocabulary word below to get to Appleton Gospel’s link of my sermon.

Loquacious – [low-kwey-shus s] adjective – talking or tending to talk much or freely; talkative; chattering; babbling


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