Evangelism and Aronofsky’s Noah

Since I am sermon prepping this week, I wasn’t overly audacious and did not work on a new post for this week.  I thought it would fun to share some thoughts from the wonderful writers over at Christ and Pop Culture.  E. Stephen Burnett (check out his blog at Speculative Faith, it is awesome) has a great new article briefly addressing the new Noah movie opening tomorrow.


“We must see films and other stories for what they are. We must listen to movies and respect their makers’ intentions and messages. We must listen to actual real-world audiences for their own true reasons for seeing the film. We must see Scripture, life, storytelling and popular culture for greater ends than simply “evangelism tools.”

My thoughts exactly.  Click on the vocabulary word below to read Mr. Burnett’s thoughts on the movie and using it as an evangelism tool (how do you even refer to someone’s first name if their name start with an initial?  I mean, I guess I don’t know the guy but do I formally have to call him Mr. Burnett?  Or can I call him “E” or Stephen?  This slight excursus has nothing to do with the article, I am just confused.)  Enjoy!  

Sententious [sen-ten-shuh s] adjective – abounding in pithy aphorisms or maxims; given to excessive moralizing; of the nature of a maxim; pithy

There is also a great article by Gregory Alan Thornbury going beyond the alleged biblical inaccuracies and gives us a clearer picture of what we can take from this film and what Aronofsky’s vision was/is.

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