Have You Read the Twible?


No I am not writing with a speech impediment, those aren’t funny, my brother grew up with one and I Iove that guy, I would never make fun of him (well, about that part of him.  I make fun of him all the time).

I am referring to a recent offering from Jana Riess called the “Twible”.  Riess set about reading the Bible from cover to cover and reacting to each chapter with a 140-word tweet.  I have not personally read it, but Luke Harrington’s review of the book over at Christ and Pop Culture makes me want to.   You can read his review by clicking on the vocab word below, but here is one snippet that is particularly thought-provoking for you Christians out there.

“In the introduction, Riess writes, “I love the Bible. I tell you this now just in case you begin to wonder about my feelings down the road, when you see me railing at God,” and The Twible absolutely delivers on that promise: there’s a lot of affection, and a lot of anger. What the average Evangelical reader gets out of The Twible will depend on how he or she distinguishes between honest anger, opportunistic snark, and straight blasphemy. But if you’re thinking of writing it off as the latter, allow me to remind you of what God does in Genesis 32. Faced with the opportunity to give his people any name he chooses (“God’s Girl Scouts”? “WE♥YHWH”?), he chooses to christen them “Israel”—“Wrestles With God.” Maybe true worship isn’t always found in blind submission, but in wrestling with the Creator’s holy will, even when it’s ugly or terrifying in your eyes.” 

Enervated [en-er-vay-ted] adjective – with out vigor, force, or strength; languid


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