Church Planting Internship Update

InternHey everyone that could possibly care.  Thanks for sticking around and waiting three months in order to hear from me and how it is going.  So much has happened in a short period of time there is no way to get fully caught up.

I’m fresh off my first preached sermon in over a year, which is quite far along in the internship process.  It was nice to prep a sermon again and deliver it, and I did alright despite deciding to preach with limited notes and having a tough time when I FORGOT my introduction.  (DOH!).  At least David hasn’t punished me by serving him coffee every morning or driving to Starbucks to get him a Soy Milk Sugar-Free Caramel Mocha before I head to work.

These first couple of months being a part of Appleton Gospel have been some of the best months that Tina and I and the kids have had in our entire family life.  Appleton Gospel is serious about being a family that treasures and values the Gospel, loves people, and loves our city. God answered a heap of prayers by bringing us to Appleton and being a part of the movement of the Gospel in the Fox Valley.

We recently ended out second Learning Community weekend for Missional leaders and we’re excited to start revving up the engine of planting a church.  I am working on a missional community plan for our target area (which remains top secret due to us not wanting to get ahead of the Spirit) and will be continuing to soak up the culture of Appleton Gospel and the Midpark MC we are a part of.  It is so exciting and I can’t tell you how hard it is to not let all my excitement and straegizing spill out on these pages.  More of that in the future.

If you are in the mood and available, on March 30th I will be preaching from our Kingdom Project series again and hopefully you can join us to learn about living in the Kingdom where Jesus is King!  Thanks for staying tuned in and I’ll update you with some more stuff in the near future!

Check out Appleton Gospel and find out more about what we’re doing in Appleton

Check out the first plant to be birthed from Appleton Gospel, Mercy Road Church, led by Jed Haas, a cool guy with a huge heart for Jesus Christ.