Seth McBee – 11 Simple Ways to Disciple Your Kids on Mission

Seth McBee has a great article on the Verge Network website on how we can be discipling our kids in the everyday.  I constantly need these ideas and reminders on how to be modeling Christ and expounding the gospel to my kids.  Cultivate patience and consistency as you seek to bring the gospel of Christ to bear on every facet of your family life and the life of your kids.  His first point is a really good idea:

“1. Redeem everyday things

What TV show does your kid love to watch?  Watch it with them and tell them that at the end we are going to discuss questions in which we see ways the characters are living out their identity, how are their lives looking like Jesus, how are their lives showing who/what they are trusting, etc. For my kids, it’s Phineas and Ferb. We sit down and watch it, then discuss.

The night before I wrote this article, we spoke about servanthood, identity, idols, fears, anxiety, the Imago Dei, etc. After we discussed, we prayed as a family for very specific things that we discussed. Guess what the kids are always asking to do? “Daddy, can we do Phineas and Ferb and theology?” They desire to learn because it is something they enjoy.”

Click the link for a great read and to read the other ten:  11 Simple Ways to Disciple Your Kids on Mission

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