Theology Thursday – 09/19/13

Theology Thursday

Greetings fine readers!  It’s time for the weekly theology face-stuffing.  My personal recommendation is to start from the bottom and work your way up, but that is just to keep things interesting.  Like eating from the bottom of a sumptuous, theological ice-cream cone!

Essential Ingredients to a Missional Community – Mike Breen of 3DM dives into the three essential components of a Missional Community and discipling culture in a short and sweet article at The Verge.

Economic Malady, Church Opportunity – Some startling statistics on Americans and the value of work are shared in this The Gospel Coalition article.  Michael Jahr, from the Kern Family Foundation, addresses how pastors and churches can use the current state of work to speak the good news of Christ’s restorative work and hope found in the cross.  This is a very helpful and needed article that might even warrant a follow up post sometime soon.

Work:  What is it Good For? – Continuing our work related posts, our church, Appleton Gospel, has been spending some time going through a short series on Faith and Work.  The Center for Faith and Work has a 70 minute video with Tim Keller and Katherine Leary Alsdorf discussing the topic of work and its value to God and His purposes.

Satanic Attacks and Leadership – Chan Kilgore shares some things he wishes he would have known going into ministry and being a parent.  I’ve heard Chan share some of his struggles in his sermons and messages before, and he has some great wisdom here on leading, parenting, and busyness.

Crazy Busy – Speaking of busyness, Joe Thorn has his review and response to another review of Kevin DeYoung’s new book, Crazy Busy!.  Check out his review, which I think is helpful in discerning some strengths and weaknesses, and check out DeYoung’s new book.

5 Tips for Finding Your Theological Balance – I love articles at the Gospel Coalition and I love articles at Christ and Pop Culture.  So there is always double the fun when Derek Rishmway has an article at the Gospel Coalition.  He talks about theological balance and offers some helpful advice on how to avoid losing your balance and having theological hobby horses.

4 Anchors of Repentance – There are few articles that have a well-rounded treatment of repentance, but this is one of the few that give us a great picture of biblical repentance.  I need to model a repentance that is much more God-focused and Christ-centered than my typical, “I’m so sorry,” approach.  By extension, my kids need to see this in me and live out an example of this kind of repentance.  Strong article and a must read.

Accidental Worship Heresy – This is hilarious.  As a former worship leader, I can safely say I have never accidentally let any of these things come out of my mouth, but they are still a good laugh for everyone.

Jesus Has Come to Confound You – Scott Stener, pastor at the Vine Church in Madison and Director of Church Multiplication for the Forest Lakes District of the ELCA (how’s that for an intro?), posts an extended quote from Zack Eswine’s new book, Sensing Jesus.  As someone on the verge of planting myself, it is nice to hear from an experienced planter that the need for Jesus grows ever stronger as you see how inadequate and in need of Him to bear fruit you actually are.  I am praying to remain humble and focused on Christ as this journey gets going.

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