Random Coolness – 09/13/2013

Random Coolness (1)

Ho hey!  A great Friday for some random cool!

Ben Affleck’s Batman Will Be ‘Seasoned’ – Everyone loves a Batman that has a generous pinch of tarragon and saffron.  All kidding aside, I like this choice for the next Batman, despite popular outcry from fans and anyone with an opinion on movies.  Affleck seems to be a good fit to fill the role of a Batman worn-down by years of crime fighting and a bit more jaded view of his crime fighting.

Star Wars Spinoffs Described as ‘Origin Story’ Films – Um, yes please.  If there is a Han Solo and/or Boba Fett origin film, that will make this Star Wars nerd superbly geeked!  I’m sure all the canon purists would crap themselves, but we can let them clean up the mess while the rest of us enjoy the films.

9 Things You Should Know About the 16th Street Baptist Church Bombing – I love Joe Carter’s ‘9 Things’ feature, and this one is done on the upcoming anniversary of the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing, an event that galvanized the Civil Rights Movement and started to focus a lot of attention on the leaders of the movement.  Check it out, remember our past, and strive to continue building bridges between blacks and whites in America.

Jimmy Fallon, Justin Timberlake Teach “The Evolution of End Zone Dancing” – Hilarious bit from Jimmy Fallon.  My favorite is the Old-Timey Railroad Car and The Football Spin (Into the Love Scene from Ghost).

A Plea for Caution From Russia – Valdimir Putin, the President and leader of Russia (not the guy from Rocky IV), took his case on Syria to the New York Times Op-Ed section.  Regardless of where you fall on this issue, his Op-Ed piece was needed.  He makes some valid points even if there is another agenda behind this column (he is a politician, after all).

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