Theology Thursday – 09/12/13

Theology Thursday

Good Thursday to you, fine reader!  I made this just for you!  Enjoy a block of theology this fine Thursday.

New Look At The Prince of Preachers – New book about Spurgeon addresses and debunks accusations that Spurgeon was miles wide and inches deep as a pastor.  Sounds like a good one to pick up!

Is It All About The Numbers – I know Driscoll pulls out that the Bible counts and numbers mean something to God, and they do, however at times I feel like this brushes past churches being about butts instead of disciples.  However, I know Driscoll’s heart and his reasons are solid and biblical.  Take a look over at the Resurgence.

6 Lessons I Learned As a Rookie Pastor – “My first year of pastoral ministry was like being dropped into a battlefield that I’d only read about. Yet, there I was, in the midst of the destruction of sin and the brutality of a world following the enemy, trying to discern what it actually looked like to be in the trenches, pastoring the people of God. It was terrifying. After a year in the battle, here are six lessons that I learned as a rookie pastor.”  *gulp*

Visualizing the Bible – Tim Chester shares a cool graphic shared by the Guardian on the extent of biblical inter-textuality. Pretty cool stuff!

Why Redundant Ministries Can Harm Our Mission – An important look at how churches copying one another in their ministries can harm the mission of making disciples.  I can’t tell you how many churches I know that just have a ministry-in-a-can because it worked in the past or it’s always been done that way.  Ugh.

Why I’M Tired of Church Planting – I shared this yesterday, but it’s worth putting in here again.  Click through the best article I have read in the past week on discipleship and everyday mission.

The Pride and Presumption of Open Letters – Christ and Pop Culture has a strong article on why open letters are ridiculous.  Think about it.  Open letters assume that you are better than the person you are writing about, and that comes from a lot of pride and presumption on our parts.  Strongly recommend this one.

Whats the Deal With the “T” In LGBT – J.D. Greear has a long but very good overview of the issue of trans-sexuality and how we as the church can speak into this issue pastorally.  Russell Moore and Jonathan Merritt both addressed and responded to one another, and Greear speaks some solid truth and sense into the situation.

You Can’t Do Anything – A quick byte from Jeff Vanderstelt on doing ministry in the power of the Spirit.  Good stuff.

What I Wish I’d Known About Faith, Finances, and Pharisee Discipleship – Larry Osborne has a great post excerpting some material from his book, Accidental Pharisees.  Larry says, “I wish I’d known that faith is primarily about obedience, not risk.”

Why Jesus Never Commanded Us to Plant Churches – “Imagine what would happen if we began to create a church planting atmosphere in North America whereby the expectation for new churches is that they should consist of 95-100% new believers–at the moment those churches are planted.”  Such a good post as I digest more on church planting and the need for discipleship in the everyday.  Great post from J.D. Payne on the Verge Network.

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