GCD – Why I’m Tired of Church Planting

Run Down Church

Good Wednesday everyone!  I have traded in 5-bits of Random Coolness for a very timely and EXCELLENT article by Seth McBee at Gospel-Centered Discipleship.  He tweeted a couple of weeks ago that he was working on this article, and I took a wild stab that I knew exactly where he was going.  Lo and behold, he went exactly where I thought he was going and it did not disappoint.  Here is one snippet to whet your appetite and then click the link to read the whole thing:

I feel as though many church planters are putting the cart before the horse. They quit their jobs, raise funds, gather other Christians, have a preview service, and then shortly start a Sunday gathering. That’s a lot of stress. But does it have to be this way?

What if you did things differently? What if instead of quitting your “day job,” you decided to keep it in order to make disciples in your workplace and neighborhood? Instead of gathering Christians to work hard at starting a church service, we gathered Christians for the sake of sending them out to make disciples. This way, as we live life with those in our neighborhood we could ask ourselves, “Do they actually need another church service in this city?” The answer might be yes. But rather than assuming that right from the start and experiencing all the stress of putting together a church service (which requires ample amounts of time and money), you can live a normal life of making disciples where you are. 

Seth’s article is really helpful, and has been on my mind as I start this church planting internship in October and come from a church that was planted in Waukesha.  Click through on the below link to read Seth’s helpful points and begin chewing on what he says.  I think he has a ton of valid and needed points of discussion within church planting circles and the church as a whole.

Why I Am Tired of Church Planting – Seth McBee

Please, share your thoughts with me.  I would love to talk about this a ton/more!

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