Random Coolness – 09/06/13

Random Coolness 80's Font

Hidey hey!  Get excited.  Another random quintet of cool!  Ohhh, quintet of cool, some group of musicians need to pick that up as their band name, stat!

The Semantic Schizophrenia of Sufjan Stevens – A beautiful review by the KRNL of Sufjan’s electro-indie art album, The Age of Adz.  Such a good review I had to listen to the album again just to enjoy the sonic nuances and lyrical significance of each song.  That guy is/was a musical genius.

Albert HammondJr. Opens Up About Drug Use, The Strokes – The lead guitarist of the Strokes, opens up about some personal demons in the late 2000s with drug addiction in an interview for his upcoming solo album.  Some scary stuff he endured, glad to see him talking about a scary time in his life.

Great Songs Under Sixty Seconds – Paste Magazine highlights the Top 20 songs that clock in at under the one minute mark.  I put together a nice listen to most of these on Spotify, and HEY!, it took less than 20 minutes to listen to all of them.  Go figure.

The Gray Havens Kickstarter –  This great band, The Gray Havens, consisting of Dave and Licia Radford, put together a Kickstarter to produce their first full length LP.  They have a fantastic five-song EP that was put out this year, Where Eyes Don’t Go.  Check them out and listen to their music and support their first full album project!

What Does the Fox Say? – There are few words for this.  Apparently it is going to be the new Gangnam style, but I’m not so sure.  Watch it and let me know what you think.

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