Theology Thursday 09/05/13

Theology Thursday

Welcome to another edition of Theology Thursday.  I have spent the entire week combing through what I read to bring you some of the best and most thoughtful articles from the last week in theology, Bible, and Christian faith.  Enjoy and discuss.  What did you find particularly interesting?

Thinking Evangelically About Tim Tebow – Of course I would lead with an article about football!  Football starts tonight you crazy, silly person!  Speaking of football, have you ever heard of this Tim Tebow guy?  Oh, you live under a rock?  Well, then you probably haven’t…Well, everyone else can read this STRONG article from Jared Wilson reflecting on Tim Tebow and the Christian-mania surrounding his yearly quest to be a starting QB in the NFL.  Really good thoughts here on how some Christians, and Tim Tebow, might be taking it too far.

10 Things Christians Should Say More Often – Yes.  Just, yes to this article.  I can say, having said these things and having them said to me, these are much better than some of the tired phrases Christians use.  Maybe I will rant about this more in a separate article.  These ten things reflect much more of a caring, loving attitude and less of a “I-have-to-fix-it” mentality.

How Celebrity, Consumerism, and Competition Are Killing the Church – And then there is this.  Mike Breen, the wonderful head honcho-type at 3DM, continues to speak very precisely and thoughtfully about what is killing the church in America.  Very strong article on how the church and pastors need to repent and focus on making disciples, not building a Tower of Babel to show off how great they are.

The Biggest Mistake I Made Launching Missional Communities – Drew Goodmanson, a long-timer of GCM and Acts 29, muses on some of the biggest mistakes he made looking back at their implementation of missional communities in their church.  Some strong advice to heed as I begin a church planting internship with a Missional Community church and look to launch said MCs in the future.

Where Should Christians Buy Clothes? – The wonderful people over at CaPC dive into the question of what Christians should be wearing.  Should we be wearing clothes that glorify God (ala Christian-themed gear), clothes that are fair trade, clothes that are not linked to countries with sketchy human rights records, etc.?  The author has some good comments, questions, and takeaways to consider when buying clothing.

Billy Corgan and the New Traditionalism in Christian Music – Mike Cosper addresses a lot of things while vamping on some comments from Bill Corgan on CCM and Christian musicianship.  My toughts?  Cosper nails it that there is a lot of re=hashed, boring worship music out there.  But there is also a lot of good stuff for congregations to sing, and a lot of great Christians musicians busting their chops in the industry and putting out quality music.  See Cosper’s comments and tell me what you think.

Should We Sing to God or About God? – Ross King, worship pastor in College Station, talks about horizontal and vertical worship of God, and is one more “holy” than the other.  Let’s just say he doesn’t bet against the angels.  Check it out!

Modern Worship Music Wars? – Stephen Miller, another great worship leader, writes about the modern worship war we have in our churches.  Are we driven by consumers to only be able to worship when the music fits our preferences?  Does it really matter what type of music we sing, or is it what is in our hearts.  Miller’s article does a great job of giving us the real view of the worship wars.

Lead By Influence, Not By Command – J.D. Greear shares some thoughts on leadership and what style is best for the leader of a church.  I think this applies outside of the church, but he rightly points us to being catalytic leaders.  This type of leader is not hands-off or controlling, but empowers others to do the jobs that the leader might be able to do better.

Ten Things I Have Learned on Twitter – Ed Stetzer now has 10,000 followers on Twitter (congrats Ed!) and he reflects on ten things he has learned and why he just can’t quit on Twitter.

When the Popular Youth Pastor Gets Arrested Again – I hope that my Youth Pastor friends aren’t watching and learning.  This goes much deeper than some weird youth pastor guy, but takes a penetrating look at valuing anyone who can reach teenagers and lack of Biblical accountability.  Seriously, this is just messed up.

You Do Not Labor In Vain – A good look at work and finding the significance in our work and finding Christ in the work that we do everyday.  Right now I stare at a computer screen all day, and it takes effort and prayer to find out how I can be the best employee and Christian, but I faithfully try to put my all into the work I do, even if it seems insignificant at times (it’s not).

A Long Faithfulness [Book Review] – Ardel Caneday reviews Scot McKnights new e-book, A Long Faithfulness: The Case for Christian Perseverance.  In the review, he discusses McKnight’s pastoral wrestle with questions of perseverance of the saints and how Arminians and Calvinist view God’s saving grace.  A really good review that gives the book a fair shake, but also addresses some shortcomings in McKnight’s book.  This review, personally, made me want to read the book.  I desire to see my Reformed viewpoints take a good poke and prod all the time, as I think matters of doctrine are much more complex and pastoral than they are made out to be sometimes.

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