Random Coolness – 09/04/13

Random Coolness Videro James

Welcome again to another installment of a 5-pack of news that is random yet still very cool.

Paste Magazine Sampler – Check out the latest sampler from Paste’s latest edition.  Great artists from new albums like Neko Case, Okkervil River (getting some great buzz and reviews), and Wowser Bowser (a favorite of mine).

9 Things You Need to Know About Chemical Weapons – Joe Carter tackles chemical weapons in his latest, “9 Things You Need to Know,” post.  In light of the Syrian governments alleged attack on civilians with the use of chemical weapons, it is important to know why chemical weapons are a serious threat.  You can click through other links on his page to find out more.

Keanu Times Two – A double dose of Keanu with some theatrical trailers for Ronin 47 (awesome) and also his directorial debut in the Yuen Woo-Ping choreographed movie, “Man of Tai Chi.”  It doesn’t look that good, but Keanu plays a bad guy and the fight scenes are supposed to be good, so check it out!

The 10 Most Killer Cover Songs of the Past DecadeRolling Stone has a look at 10 covers that took good/great/really bad songs and made them nice and brand shiny new.  I have not heard many of these covers, but I plan on listening to many of them today.  I would say to check out Jack White’s cover of the Tegan and Sara song and also The Postal Service’s cover of Phil Collins.

Marvel Chief Kevin Feige on Guardians of the GalaxyEmpire Online has a sit-down with the head honcho of Marvel and they discuss the next saga in the Marvel movie universe, Guardians of the Galaxy!  If you want to learn more about Guardians of the Galaxy and the cool characters from the often unknown part of the Marvel Universe, check out this interview for a glimpse in.  Excited to see how Thanos ties the Avengers to these movies, as he is confirmed as having a part in the movie (Thanos is mysterious dude behind the invasion of the Chitauri).

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