Random Coolness – 08/31/13

Random Coolness Rando Sal Bando

The Inside of an AT-AT – Star Wars nerds unite!  The Lighter Side of the Force website brings you the delicious innards of everyone’s favorite All-Terrain Armored Transport.

Under Pressure (vox only) – Check out this amazing vocal track for the 1981 hit, “Under Pressure”, by David Bowie and Freddie Mercury via Consequence of Sound.  My dad’s favorite band is Queen, so growing up we always had Freddie Mercury’s explosive vocals and Brian May’s sneering guitar playing on Saturday evenings, but I never have heard Bowie sound so good.  These two guys had/have some serious pipes.

26 Current Series Worth Binge Watching – C’mon admit it, we’ve all done the binge watch.  Tina and I are guilty.  LOST, The Office, and Friends are some of our favorite shows and started with the binge watch.  Walking Dead, by far my favorite show on TV right now, started with a good Season 1 binge watch.  Click through as the AV Club highlights 26 series worth burning your corneas over.

Steve Gunn – Tiny Desk Concert – NPR’s Tiny Desk series never disappoints.  Check out Steve Gunn perform in the most recent concert.  Check out Gunn’s new album, as well, entitled, “Time Off.”  It’s a slice of jamming Americana, so it’s perfect for those looking for a little bit of country/folk goodness.  Check out the song Lurker, if you are going to jump right in.

Ronin 47 – Empire Online has the newest international trailer for the highly anticipated Keanu Reeve’s movie, Ronin 47.  If you liked movies like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, House of Flying Daggers, Ip Man, or or my personal favorite, Hero with Jet Li; then this movie is for you.  Taking place in Japan and based off of a true group of 18th century samurai, the story follows the 47 ronin as they band together with the help of Kai (Keanu Reeves), a half-breed they had previously rejected, to avenge the murder of their master.  Apparently it is coming out Christmas of this year, which will be quite a nice way to celebrate Jesus’ birth, with mystical samurai warriors and Keanu Reeves.

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