Random Coolness – 08/30/13

Random Coolness Videro James

Stream New Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. track – Paste Magazine has the new Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. track, War Zone, streaming on their website.  Really good track with some fantastic keys and catchy vox from the Detroit duo.  Their new album drops in October and if it sounds more like this, I’m listening and purchasing.

New TV Series based on the movie ‘Outbreak’ – Every hypochondriacs paranoia is about to reach fever pitch as NBC has ordered a pilot for a series based on the movie Outbreak (starring Dustin Hoffman).  Seriously, how can this possibly be a good show?  The movie wasn’t that good, nor can I imagine an extended, studio produced version be any good.

Fracking Causing Earthquakes in Texas – Although the earthquakes have been small, there has been an observable up-tick in quakes since the mass amount of fracking being done in the Eagle Ford Shale formation in Texas.  The Atlantic reports that the biggest one so far has been a 4.8 magnitude quake that was felt 47 miles away in San Antonio.  Despite your views on fracking and the new US oil boom, this does put a continued dent in the case for extracting oil from shale formations in the United States.  Is it worth it?

Teaser for New James Franco directed Cormac McCarthy movie – If you are in to McCarthy’s books, and you enjoy intense staring and banjo twanging, then this 45-second teaser is just what you need today.

Truthfully, I haven’t read any Cormac McCarthy, despite many people glowing about his books.  No Country for Old Men, the movie starring George Clooney, was a fantastic movie made from one of McCarthy’s books, so it is only natural to let the parade continue.  Franco has put out some great movies this year, and this one looks to be a very exciting and compelling cinema experience.  The film just premiered in Venice, so we’ll see if it makes the jumps to theaters here in the US and where.

‘N Sync Reunion Officially Over – Who didn’t see this coming?  Timberlake’s tour takes precedence over anything ‘N Sync, and it doesn’t look they have anything planned.  It was good while it lasted, right?  Anyone?  Joey ?  Lance?  JC?  Guy with soul patch?  Anyone?

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