Theology Thursday – 08/29-13

Theology Thursday

“How Faith Affects Our Work” – Keller recently put out the small book, “Every Good Endeavor: Connecting Your Work to God’s Work.”  In this Gospel Centered Discipleship article, Keller summarizes how Christian faith influences our work.  So, if you are strapped for time, read this to get a good flavor and takeaway from his fantastic book!

“The Awesome Church”  I’ve always felt a little uncomfortable with the shameless promotion we give our churches and Sunday gatherings.  It’s okay to not always be awesome, and this article addresses that a little caution is needed before you say that this Sunday is “HUGE” and mega-important.

“Why Mars Hill uses the ESV Bible”  I use the ESV.  I actually like the HCSB more from a reading side, but prefer the ESV for studying.  Mark Driscoll has a very good and informative (albeit long) article on why their churches use the ESV.

“From Strangers to Missionaries: A Neighborhood Strategy for Mission”  Really cool guest post from Tim Brister on some of the stuff he has been noodling over since he started engaging his neighborhood and city with the gospel more strategically and intentionally.  What percentage of your relationships are engaging people with the truth’s of the gospel?

“Atheists Take Old Hymns Out Of The Chapel And Into The Streets : NPR”  Interesting read about a hymnal choir that doesn’t really believe what they sing.  Judge not, lest ye be judged.  How many times have you sung a song by Jay-Z, Kayne West, Neon Trees, or REM and not believed every word you are singing?  It just goes to show, the old hymn writers weren’t just writing powerful, truthful songs about Christ, they were writing just plain good songs.

Is It Wrong to Be Rich? – This one quote really stuck with me:

“For everyone who has ever looked upon a wealthy person in disdain, I would urge they ask themselves how differently they would behave if their bank account suddenly acquired a few extra zeros.  The answer to this question frightens me, as I’m sure it would frighten most. Can anyone say for sure that their generous desires would remain, that their giving spirit would not be hindered by a sudden influx of ability to spend lavishly upon themselves?”

Click the link to read the whole article.  Solid points on wealth, money, and judging the rich in an affluent culture.

Don’t Laugh, Your Church Might Be Miley Cyrus – Sobering article from Out of Ur.  How often have you felt as uncomfortable with what the church does on Sunday morning as some of those audience members at the VMAs felt while Miley was twerking on stage?

6 Things Worship Leaders Need To Stop Saying, Now – I am guilty of having said one or two things on here, having led worship in the past.  I must agree with Los Whit, PLEASE stop saying these things RIGHT NOW!

Derek Webb was Sorry, He’s Wrong, and He Loves You – Mike Cosper, cool guy, worship leader for Sojourn in Louisville, and frequent Gospel Coalition blogger, tackles Derek Webb’s new album, “I’m Sorry, I Was Wrong, I Love You”.  I was excited for this album, and even more so after reading Cosper’s review.  I’m very pleased that Webb does not just return to previous form, but builds on his musical direction of making quality produced, interesting music.  You can also head to Relevant’s website to stream the new album this week.

Free Download of Mike Breen and 3DM’s forthcoming book – Mike Breen and the 3DM team are putting out their latest book to complete their series of books on developing a discipling culture.  Really excited for the full book, but you can snag a copy of the first 22 pages of “Leading Missional Communities” which drops in early September.  Good read to whet your appetite.  I picked up my free download, now you go do the same!

Mission Church – Shameless plug for Duncan and Carly Robinson, an awesome couple planting “down under” in Australia.  They are close to launching public prayer gatherings, which is a really exciting development.  Check them out and see how you can be praying and supporting them.

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