Random Coolness – 08/28/13

Random Coolness (1)

Welcome to Random Coolness.  A slight tweak on my previous Morning Brew segment.  Whenever I collect 5 articles I really like, no matter how random or cool, I will post them in a Random Coolness post.  They are 5-packs of random cool showing up on your browser/phone/tablet/e-reader/TV/retinas for your viewing consumption.  Enjoy!

“The Men – “The Seeds” (Acoustic)”  The Men, who put out the awesome LP, New Moon,earlier this year (which I really dug and made the list of best so far), return with a new all acoustic EP in October called “The Seeds.”  Looking forward to the listen and I highly encourage you to check them out.  Really great music that is a mix of punk, country, and and surf rock.  Perfect for Weezer and White Stripes fans (hey, that’s me!).

“How Ben Affleck Got Cast as Batman” – As some of you have probably heard, Ben Affleck has been cast as Batman in the forthcoming Zack Snyder Superman/Batman movie.  There has been widespread criticism of this move, but I like the choice and want to see the movie before I evaluate.  Affleck is comic a book guy (he is friends with comic book nerd Kevin Smith) and actually shares some commonality with the real life Bruce Wayne.  We must also remember, Michael Keaton was Beetlejuice and Mr. Mom before he was Batman, and I loved Keaton as Batman.  I have a wait and see approach on this movie and casting decision.  

“Salinger Doc Claims More Books to be Published” – New Salinger books forth-coming in starting in 2015?!?!?  I loved this book when I first read it in High School.  Salinger, a famous recluse, wrote these books with instructions to release them after his death and with some many questions surrounding his personality and his image, there is really not much to know about these books except that they are coming out and will hopefully be fantastic.  

“Passion Pit Releasing Rockumentary”  Listen, I like Passion Pit, and I am excited to view this documentary, but I am deeply weirded out by their association with Taco Bell.  I might not watch this, just because the fact that they are deeply tied to a fast food chain selling grade F meat and diet imploding menu options.  But, in the end, my desire to view Passion pit from behind the scenes will probably win out.  However, I am not happy about it…maybe…kinda…maybe I should get a gordita?

“John Lennon’s Tie Sells for More Than $5,600 at Auction”  This one is just for fun.  Lennon (not Lenin) is awesome, and it only makes sense that his killer thin-tie goes for $5.6K.  I would be more impressed if they auctioned off a looking glass tie.


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