Weekend Brew 03/23/13



Is It True That, “If You Don’t Have a Conversion Story, You Don’t Have a Conversion? – A good question, one that R.C. Sproul Jr. tackles with a solid biblical case.  The answer is more complicated than it would seem.  The answer is technically “yes”, but only if we broaden the definition of a conversion story to be anyone who would confess faith in Christ.  Sproul clarifies since professing faith is not what people mean when they ask this questions.  Click through to get some solid biblical answers.

Toddlers Freed From Slavery In India – Click through for a video CNN did highlighting IJM (one of my favorite organizations and one I work with on a consistent basis) and their work to free children from a brick-kiln in India.

Confessions of a Woman Who Didn’t Like Theology – This could have been my wife a handful of years ago.  This is an important article for any of you theology buffs and Bible scholars .  Show some grace and patience with those who may have a tough time or apathy towards theology.  They will come around as the Spirit works in them and they treasure Christ more and more.

The New Ministry Dictionary – I just found this, and this is great.  Our of Ur hits it out of the park  with some great new vocabulary for all you hip Christians out there!  I want a 501(c)3PO!

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