Morning Brew 03/21/13


Death and the Language of Victory – Nick Lannon, at the Mockingbird blog, talks about the recent ESPN 30 for 30 special on Jim Valvano.  He focuses on the shock of the people around Jimmy V that he did not win against cancer and ended up dying.  I feel this dual pull of both wanting someone to get better and also addressing the finite nature of our lives.  We tend to, as prosperity-driven Americans, not think of death, and posture our language with “beating” cancer or “winning” over death.  Good blog post on re-orienting our thinking that we are, “a mist that appears for a little time and then vanishes,” (James 4:14). 

3 Things You Must Manage Well to Lead Well – Good leadership requires good management.  I found this article from Greg Baird at helpful.  I am poor at managing my time (I do too much) and as a result I am unable to manage my energy level.  Getting these three things in balance is important to being an effective leader and especially if you are going to be a leader of leaders. 

Are You Being Honest With Yourself? – No, I’m not.  I tend to be an optimist, and so a lot of times I tend to gloss things over.  If I was honest with myself, I would see more of what needs the Spirit’s power, what needs less of me and my pride, what false lies of Satan swirl in my head, and what sin continues to exist in my heart.  This is a really good article from Mac Lake with some penetrating questions to ask yourself if you are being honest, or just buying the lie or perpetuating the lie. 

A Harsh Reality of Leading Today – Honest, short piece of advice from Ron Edmonson.  This was a good word for me this morning and (honestly) I wish I had heard this years ago.  Thanks Ron!

25 Things I’ve Learned From Church Planting – My wife is reading Christine Hoover’s book, The Church Planting Wife: Help and Hope For Her Heart, and has been benefitting from it.  I plan on reading it when she is done.  These are helpful, short bursts for the church planter, planting team, or planter’s wife. 

March Madness Explained…Star Wars Style – You’re welcome.  NCAA Tourney plus Star Wars equals entertainment overload!

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