Morning Brew 03/20/13


In Love and In Debt – Money is a very serious matter, a stewardship issue, and a major point of contention in marriage and relationships.  The Resurgence has a short article on how new married couples can work together to make sure that money is not their treasure and planning for your financial future. 

Why Studying Doctrine Is The Best Medicine – Tim Keller always has a good word, and he shares a good word on why studying doctrine is good for our spiritual health.  I would concur with Keller that our culture tells us to check out, relax, take a vacation, clear your mind, in order to obtain health.  However, the Bible tells us to think about the big picture and who God is and what He has done and that re-orients our life and emotions and brings spiritual health. 

Church Plant Sees Torrent of New Life – So this is a bit of a plug and an attaboy and a pile of excitement!  Torrent Church in Prescott, WI is highlighted in Converge Worldwide’s News Section.  Israel Haas, the lead planter, is my former mentor and a good friend.  Very excited for Torrent and the Haas’ and excited to go up there sometime in the future to spend a week learning from their church! 

Where Did the Idea of Having a Pope Come From? – David Wells at Ligonier has a helpful article educating us non-Catholics (although, I am a former Catholic), on where the idea for a Pope came from and both the Bible arguments and traditional arguments for a pope.  Also, Ed Stetzer has a good article on why non-Catholics should care about the Pope

attoos – Yes, I like controversy, and so does Joe Thorn.  Joe has a two-part blog looking at what the Bible has to say about tattoos and why he has tattoos.  You know, I should probably get one, since I have no objection, but those shakin’ needles freak me out, dude.  However, I found these two articles helpful and confirmed what I already thought about tattoos, that they are just fine and people who freak about them are doing so unnecessarily.  Part 1 and Part 2.

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