Morning Brew 03/19/13


10 Things Pastors Wish They Knew Before They Became Pastors – Really cool article from that polled different pastors on what they wish they knew before they entered ministry.  #10 is especially relevant, for me, at the moment.  Was just a pall bearer in Grandma Bette’s funeral yesterday and death is definitely something I can talk about, but still hits me like a ton of bricks when it comes to the pastoral implications.

Rob Bell on Gay Marriage – For some reason I feel like having something insanely controversial on the Morning Brew today.  Rob Bell has come out (pun intended) in favor of same-sex marriage.  No real surprises and I understand his heart, but agree with Christ and Pop Culture that we the church cannot follow Rob Bell where he is going.  I can love and affirm the humanity and Imago Dei of a homosexual person, but I will not and certainly the Church cannot affirm their lifestyle.  I know this is ugly, sticky, anda messy subject, but it is a conversation the Church will continue to wrestle with and discuss.  I disagree with Bell that the ship has sailed on this issue in regards its continued debate in the Church, but I agree that the culture has already settled the issue and expects the church to get in line. 

No More Silence – Really, really great interview of Boz Tchividjian from G.R.A.C.E by Rachel Held Evans.  She is doing a whole week on sexual abuse victims and child abuse, and I am intently listening in.  I think this is one of the few areas where Evans and I would see eye to eye and I completely agree that this blog week is needed.  There is such a misunderstanding of abuse in the church and Tchividjian is THE Christian go-to-guy on this issue.  Read the whole thing, it is well worth it. 

Gratitude Fueled Obedience – Good stuff from Brent Thomas on what motivates out obedience to God’s law and Jesus’ commands.  Read to the end for Sam Storms’ illustration of Jason and the Sirens from Greek mythology.  It hits the nail on the head of how grace motivates our hearts compared to legalism and rules.  Awesome stuff!


One thought on “Morning Brew 03/19/13

  1. Interesting about Bell. I would like to see the expanded quote (in context). The writer of that article you posted seems to be drawing some conclusions about the quote and about Bell.

    I actually really like Rob Bell. As far as agreeing with everything he says, I don’t feel like I have to. The gay marriage discussion needs to go away, and I personally believe this to be Bell’s message here. As a church, we’re fighting against human rights, not the sin. Keeping people from marriage doesn’t make them any less gay. I believe the church can stand down and still not “affirm their lifestyle.” There is a difference.

    Great round up of stuff, as usual! I appreciate your thoughts.

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