Morning Brew 03/18/13 Music Monday



Spotify Playlist of the Week – If you haven’t already and are a Spotify user, here is my running list of the best songs of 2013, IMHO.  Best in Show 2013


Mazes – Ores & Minerals – Spent the whole week digging this album from the Brit Pop Guitar Indie Rock sounds of Mazes.  There is something a little weird about their music, and I like it!  They are an interesting blend of guitar rock and indie rock that hits the right vibes.  When I listen to them, I think of some weird cross between The Strokes, The Velvet Underground, and Jimmy Eat World (strange, I know).  Check out the songs Bodies, Ores & Minerals, and Sucker Punched.


NPR has their First Listen’s of the week that include Wavves (awesome!), DJ Koze, and Julian Lynch (this one intrigues me).

WATCH Local Natives play their new record Hummingbird World Cafe.  This is a great album, btw

SXSW just wrapped up and so let the video sharing commence.  Here is Youth Lagoon’s set from SXSW.  Also, Youth Lagoon’s new album just dropped and it is a beast of a good record!

Iron Maiden is serving up something new, but it’s not a new album.  They are putting out a new beer, Trooper Ale.

Minnesota station, The Current, had 14 artists interpret Beck’s sheet music release “Song Reader”.  This video is The Twin Cities Funk and Soul All-Stars performing “Sorry”  It’s a pretty awesome version and what the Current did is exactly what one would expect of Beck’s new “album”

Here is The Last Bison, last week’s New Music spotlight, performing on World Cafe.  Really, really good and catchy music

Josh Garrels, who makes great music and his last release, Love & War & The Sea In Between, is fantastic, is giving away all 5 of his albums on Noisetrade!  Go get the now!

Flavorwire has a cool article exploring the 12 personas of David Bowie.  All of this comes with the release of his new studio album, The Next Day, which is a solid album


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