Weekend Brew 03/16/13



Marcus Mumford: Big Fan of Jesus, But Not Christianity – Alright Mumford and Son fan/Christian, are you depressed now?  Really, cuz I’m not.  Christ and Pop Culture has a brief look at Marcus Mumford’s recent Rolling Stone interview where he addresses the lyrics and imagery that are specifically Christian.  Take note of his response, since this is how our generations (my generation) is viewing Christ and the church in the West.  I appreciate how Matthew Linder responds that despite its checkered past, identifying with the Christian Church connects us to the countless good the Church has done that is not nearly as widely reported or advertised.  Good, short article.

Huss’ Legacy Fading Among Czechs, But Climate Improving – Cool article from the Baptist Press on one of my favorite historical church dudes.  Jan Huss’ legacy stretches back to 100 years before the Reformation and is seen, along with John Wycliffe, as a proto-Reformer.  The article focuses on his waning legacy in the Czech Republic, a bastion of atheism and skepticism after centuries of a corrupt Church and 40 years of communism indoctrination.

Why Cities Matter – Justin Buzzard’s new book, Why Cities Matter, is dropping soon and I am really excited for it.  As a future city-focused church planter, I cannot wait to get my hands on this book. He offers us the foreward by Tim Keller and the first chapter for FREE in PDF form.  Go get it!

The Media, Erin Burnett, and the Desire for Catholics to “Get With the Times” – Ed Stetzer has a look at the utter shock of the media that the Catholic Church elected a Pope that held traditional Catholic beliefs.  I always appreciate Ed and his balanced, real approach to issues.  He briefly explores and reiterates that a church, “getting with the times”, and acquiescing to mainstream culture does not lead to the church thriving, but declining.  Worth a look and a great read and I would say read all of Stetzer’s articles.  They are always good.


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