Morning Brew Ides of March – Film Reel Friday



It’s the special Ides of March edition!  Watch out for back-stabbing Roman Senators today. 


The Incredible Burt Wonderstone – Steve Carrell and Jim Carrey AND Steve Buscemi?!?!  What’s not to like?  Apparently the movie.  The initial fan reviews are somewhat strong, but critics are not big fans of this movie.  I’ve been hearing this movie plugged everywhere, and I’m sure it has its moments, but I certainly won’t drop the dime to see this movie.  Now, when Anchorman 2 comes out, that is a different story. 

The Call – A 911 operator receives a call from a girl being abducted, and then must confront a killer from her past to save the girl’s life.  Halle Berry stars as the 911 operator, Jordan Turner, and the little girl is the one and only Abigail Breslin (you know, the little girl from Signs?).  Sounds like a thriller and I’m sure people will see it just for Halle Berry, but the reviews sounds tepid at best and the story is meh. 

Ginger & Rosa – A look at the lives of two teenage girls, Ginger and Rosa, growing up in 1960s London as the Cuban Missile Crisis looms, and the pivotal event the comes to redefine their relationship.  Taken straight from IMDb, yo.  This movie has gotten some buzz, drawing comparisons to Moonrise Kingdom, and won some independent movie awards but early returns are not so good, boss.  I might be mistaken, but of all the movies coming out this weekend, this still might be the best one. 

Oz the Great and Powerful – I know this came out last week, but I was comatose with sickness last week Friday and missed Film Reel Friday!  Plus, a good week of sitting back on this one has led to conflict.  I had co-workers who liked the movie, but friends and critics who hated it.  What is one supposed to think?  I think this is one I’ll drop the $3 on at Family Video and go see in 6 to 8 months and check it out.  I’m doing it to support the Hobgoblin, er, James Franco. 


As I said, despite all the hype you cannot escape if your movie is bad.  Despite their magical efforts, it looks like the Incredible Burt Wonderstone is going to fall flat.  Howard Fine calls the movie unincredible, Alonso Duralde says there is no magic up the movies sleeve, and Christy Lemire at Yahoo! Movie News even says the movie makes Steve Carrell unlikable.  Tough to overcome all that.  Sorry Steve, we’re all waiting for Anchorman 2.  And if that fails, I can just pop in Date Night and laugh my face off. 

The Call likewise gets unfavorable reviews.  Alonso Duralde, who must have had a busy week with watching movies (sense the slight envy?), says the movie starts strong but flames out.  Jake Coyle likewise says the movie lives up to its low expectations and has no real luster as a thriller.  Sorry Halle, maybe the new X-Men film will continue to work out.

Ginger & Rosa, the independent film starring Elle Fanning, despite its iffy reviews, has some strong ones and seems to be the best of the bunch.  As a coming of age story, Leah Rozen says the story is compelling and is a middling addition to those stories.  Speaking of Elle Fanning, here is a cool article about some young actors that made a mark in Hollywood, past and present.  Enjoy the movies if you venture out! 


Hey Phoenix peeps, here’s your shot to see The Evil Dead before it hits the wider market!  On a side note, I am not excited for this re-make.  Re-makes are always rough and something as culty and classic as The Evil Dead could lead to a complete bomb and to angry rabid fans.  It’s like re-doing the Big Lebowski! 

Read about the documentary film, Planet of Snail, from Christ and Pop Culture.  A really cool and touching look at a movie about a South Korean couple and their navigation of life together as a disabled couple. 

As if the world isn’t great enough already, Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels are hopeful that a sequel to Dumb and Dumber will happen.  So you’re saying there’s a chance? 

And in other news, for some reason there needs to be a fourth Jurassic Park movie.  The last two were terrible, what makes anyone think the fourth will be any good?  Or maybe it will surprise us all and vault over the original! (Nah)

What Film Reel Friday would be complete without some Star Wars news?  Lucasfilm announced that they will be launching a new animated series to explore a previously untouched era of the Star Wars Universe (Woohoo!), but they are giving the pink slip to their animated series The Clone Wars (Doh!). 

Matt Mueller, one of my favorite columnists on movies and movie contributor at, has his five favorite Irish actors and their contributions to the silver screen.  Liam Neeson wins; all others pale in comparison.

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