Morning Brew 03/14/13


How Kids Learn the Gospel – An absolutely fantastic article from Seth McBee at Gospel Centered Discipleship on teaching your kids the gospel and discipling your kids.  At my house, Tina and I have adopted some of these practices and are doing similar things with our kids to engage them with the gospel.  It’s hard work, it is so much easier to tell them to “cut it out”, but when the kids understand the heart of God and the gospel implications in their actions and thoughts, it’s worth the work. 

The Challenge of Being A Church Planter’s Wife – Trevin Wax has a conversation with Christine Hoover, author of the book The Church Planting Wife: Help and Hope for Her Heart.  Really helpful interview and a good prime for the book.  I have a church planting friend’s wife reading the book, and it’s in my wife’s queue as we begin this journey soon. 

Living the Parables of Jesus Today – Scot McKnight at his Jesus Creed blog has a helpful look at how we can apply Parables of Jesus to our lives today.  The original source focuses on how we can preach the Parables, but it is just as applicable when we are preaching to our hearts and pastoring other people’s hearts.  I especially liked #s 6, 7, and 9. 

Do You Remember the Nature of Your Calling? –  Nicholas Ellen, at the Biblical Counseling Coalition Blog, has three points for re-orienting ourselves around our calling as followers of Christ.  They are:

  1. We have been delivered to know Him eternally
  2. We have been delivered to become like Him daily
  3. We have been delivered to be useful to Him practically

Helpful article on knowing who we are in Christ and how we are to live in light of what He has done.  Click through the link to hear it all!


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