Morning Brew 03/13/13


What I’m Learning From Strategic Coach – Darryl Dash at his blog, Dash House, shares what he has been learning from raiding the store at the Strategic Coach website.  I checked out their website, and the material is definitely for business entrepreneurs, but has some helpful resources for church planters.  I especially like what Darryl has been learning about time management. 

How NOT To Christian Cold Call – I find cold calling disturbing, having had to do it earlier in my working career, and much of Christian Evangelism ends up being a holy version of cold calling.  Alex Abaslom shares how evangelism can be more like Jesus did it and be much more about building relationships that are saturated with the gospel.  He says that we can live this way when we:

  1. Stop being so rushed in our lives to spend time with people
  2. Go to where lost people hang out
  3. Listen and build authentic relationships with people

Advice for Bloggers – Frank Viola, Evangelical uber-blogger, shares 25 pieces of advice for bloggers just starting up or for bloggers who have been blogging for a while (like me).  Really good and helpful advice on blogging.  Thankfully I am already on WordPress, but am unwilling, at this point, to shell out the money for a better theme and a non-.wordpress URL.  Once I have been at this a little longer and can prove to be consistent, then it will make more sense.  Anyway, good advice and read the whole thing, it is worth it. 

Pixar’s 22 Rules on Storytelling – One of the storyboard artists at Pixar, Emma Coats, tweeted out 22 different rules of storytelling.  The Rabbit Room brings all those together for your discussion and consumption.  I’m sure you might have run across these or some of them already, but any one giving out advice from Pixar gets my attention.  Lots of wisdom and solid advice in these tweets and helpful advice for writers and storytellers alike.


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