Morning Brew 03/12/13


13 Habits of Highly Successful New Leaders – Brian Dodd at shares 13 points synthesized from reading the first chapter of War Room, a leadership book about Bill Belichik.  The first chapter talks about his first head coaching job with the Cleveland Browns and Dodd finds these leadership points especially applicable to new leaders, as Belichik was in Cleveland. 

Discipling Pre-Christians – Typically most Christians and Christian leaders see discipleship as something that begins after someone becomes a Christian.  However, there has been an important slight shift in understanding that disciple-making begins even before some responds in faith.  Steve Ogne shares 5 important steps on how we can be discipling people before they are Christians. 

The Pastor’s Spouse – Ron Edmonson has an extremely helpful post on recognizing that your transition to a new pastoral position, or a move to a new job could fit in this category, is not always the most exciting thing for your spouse.  I know Tina can resonate with this and Ron has some keen insight into how spouses view our change and excitement over a big change.  Very good word from Ron. 

Questions for Sleep and Nominal Christians – A short post from Tim Keller asking some questions to examine our own hearts for a sleepy faith and also good questions to pepper in conversation and sermons to comatose Christians and nominal, un-believing Christians.

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