Inagural Film and Theology Night

After kicking around doing this or not, I’ve decided to turn my frequent Movie Nights into some Film and Theology nights. The point of such evenings is not to just to watch cool movies and eat a copious amount of chips and queso, but to start seeing movies as more than just entertainment. They are an opportunity for followers of Christ to engage the major stories of our culture and find what we can receive, reject, and redeem as good missionaries in our culture.

Now, this isn’t some major formal event, but will progress like it always has at my own abode. Show up, eat chips and queso, watch movie. However, instead of goofing around afterwards, lets ask a couple of questions and engage the story with the Christian story in mind.

When God made the world, it was done through His words (Genesis 1). The Great Storyteller spoke and made us in His image, and part of that image is our reflecting God’s story through our own story and the stories we tell. When we rebelled against God, our story broke from His and we seek to establish our own narrative apart from our Creator. God did not leave us to our own devices and the Bible is His story of His work through a people He sets apart to tell His story.  Ultimately, God sends His son to fully redeem our story and to bring us into His family and give us a new story and a new purpose for His glory.  Our stories will once again fully re-align with God’s when Christ comes again to creat a new heaven and new earth and set right all that has gone wrong. 

All stories, as I mentioned before, our an imperfect and muddied picture of Ultimate Story, God’s story found in the Bible.  From Star Trek to Star Wars, A Tale of Two Cities to Downton Abbey, all stories reflect certain aspects and truths of who God is and what He has done throughout history.  Some are easier than others to find, but since every person is created in the image of God, certain aspects of movies, literature, comic books, and other forms of media will bring out and point to the character of God and/or the works of God. 

All that being said, let’s get together next week Saturday, March 23rd, at 7:30 pm at mi casa to watch Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, and discuss how the concluding chapter of the Star Wars narrative reflects the Mega-narrative of God’s story.  I honestly don’t mind if 2 or 10 people show up, but let’s make it fun and lets watch with purpose.

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