Morning Brew 03/06/13


Discipling An Unusual, Special Needs Child – Wendy Alsup guests posts on Luma Sims blog about discipling a child with special needs.  Wendy is a great writer, I bought her book Practical Theology for Women for Tina a long time ago and Tina enjoyed it.  She shares a perspective that is often not shared, which is seeking to disciple a child with special needs.  Most times moms are just surviving, but Wendy gives some helpful tips and insights for parents that are struggling to not just survive with a special needs child, but help them to walk with Jesus.

Create A Contrast Culture In Your Church – Johnathan Leeman offers some advice for creating a culture in your church that stands in contrast to the culture around.  I think this is a good post for established churches, but I would push back on a couple of them for new church plants and even young churches.  Leeman and I would never see eye to eye on church culture and contextualization, but I like his post and it’s very profitable. 

How To Plan A Preaching Schedule – This is one of the best article a preacher could ever get.  Mark Driscoll offers some Grade A choice-cuts of knowledge on developing a preaching schedule and how to keep momentum going.  If you are a Preaching Pastor, this is double-star, highlight-the-whole-thing-type material. 

Thoughts From Across The Pond – Josh Crick, who is from London and the intern at Missio Dei in Phoenix, shares some observations of American culture and contrasts it with the culture in the UK.  It’s always helpful to hear what others have to say about our culture and helps to see behind some blinders we can have on our own presuppositions, even from someone from a similar culture like the UK.


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