Morning Brew 03/05/13


9 Lessons From God Concerning Sickness – Joshua Harris has a quote from J.C. Ryle that addresses what we can learn from being sick (I think it can apply to short-term or long-term sickness).  We’ve been sick in our house for a good week-and-a-half now, and I certainly can relate that sickness is a good lesson in reflecting on our finite natures and turning to God in sickness and humble ourselves before our fragility and short time on this earth.  I can imagine the lessons only resonate more with those suffering from long-term sickness or a life long ailment. 

This is What it Looks Like to Plant a Church – Brad Morrice, at Redeemer’s City to City Blog, shares a conversation he had with his friends/neighbors in Montreal, where he is planting a church.  Planting a church, in reality, is planting the gospel, and the core is called to live a life of abandon and inconvenience as they seek to get to know the area, find ways to preach the gospel to their neighbors and tangibly demonstrate Jesus’ heart for them. 

Missionary Biographies – A link at Missions 101 to a pile of biographies of different missionaries.  I have a read a fair number of missionary biographies and have listened to John Piper’s biography sermons on missionaries and I am never disappointed.  For all you missionaries potentially thinking of going overseas, these are necessary reading. 

How [Not to] Respond to Abuse Allegations –  Two corollaries:  1) I am an evangelical, reformed, complimentarian, charismatic Christian.  2) Rachel Held Evans does not agree with me on almost anything and I do not agree with her on almost anything.  However, I still like her writings on her blog because she is an important voice, and despite our disagreements, I want to see her point of view.  Also, she has good things to say and asks great questions.

She responds to some blogosphere traffic on the Sovereign Grace Ministries Child Abuse allegations.  I agree with her almost 100%.  Personally, this hits home really close with us, and it makes me sick to think that SGM is trying to hide behind the First Amendment and is un-willing to let others hold them accountable.  Their reasoning is Catholic Church-type stuff, and it is embarrassing.  Also, the victims (who rarely make false accusations) must be going through so much, especially when a church body is vehemently opposing looks into their dealings.  Sad, tragic, and I would urge SGM to open up and stop trying to hide behind the First Amendment and care for the victims, not their church reputation.


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