Afternoon Brew 03/04/13 – Music Monday



Spotify Playlist of the Week – Cool Kids Playlist: A quick playlist of singer-songwriters I put together for last week’s night shoveling

Check it out!  – New album that I can’t stop listening to;  Autre Ne Veut’s album AnxietyUnexpectedly moves into a first place tie with Yo La Tengo’s Fade for Best Album of the Year…so far

Speaking of Best Album’s of the Year for 2013…so far, here is the Top 5 and their Spotify Links

5) On and On – Give In – Great rock album that starts extremely strong and has a great sound throughout.  Check out the tracks Panic and Ghosts

4) The Gray Havens – Where Eyes Don’t Go – Beautifully put together guitar and piano numbers.  How can I not put something with tracks inspired by Lord of the Rings on here?  Check out the songs Silver and Where it Goes, but the whole EP is excellent. 

3) The Lone Bellow – The Lone Bellow – Debut album from the Lone Bellow has great numbers with a folky, upbeat twang to them, but the band is currently based in New York.  Great songs include Green Eyes And a Heart of Gold, You Never Need Nobody, and Teach Me To Know. 

1b) Autre Ne Veut – Anxiety – Great eclectic mix of 80’s/90’s pop numbers and unexpected twists thrown in.  Best songs are Don’t Ever Look Back (with 80’s metal guitars), World War, and Counting. 

1a) Yo La Tengo – Fade – A step in a different direction for the band, but it is wildly successful and fantastic alt pop/indie record that strikes just the right balance between commercial and indie.  Best tracks are Is That Enough, Paddle Forward, and I’ll Be Around. 


Iceage, which has a great new album out, announces tour date expansion to support the new album.  They will be in Madison on April 9th, for all those interested in my wonderful circle. 

LISTEN to new Iron & Wine track and a cover by heading through to Pitchfork.  Hey!  His new album is out April 19th! 

Japandroids song, “The House That Heaven Built”, is now the Vancouver Canucks’ entrance song.  They are from Vancouver, so kudos to them for beating out fellow Canadian “musicians” Nickelback and Guns N’ Roses (not Canadian). 

RIP Richard Street from the Temptations

Sufjan Stevens, cool guy and graduate of Hope College, has shared “Give a Little Love”, a song he tossed aside a couple of years ago.  Apparently he is going on a Hard-drive cleanup, because he shared an early demo of “Casimir Pulaski Day” in honor of the holiday, which is today! 

Hey, speaking of Autre Ne Veut, here is a video for Play by Play, the first song on the album!

Page CXVI, an awesome group that re-does old hymns, is giving away their entire catalog, FOR FREE!  Don’t be a fool, get them now!

This is a cool article, and a good album!  Efterklang’s last album, Piramida, was recorded by the band by taking over the ghost town of Piramida.  The acoustics and the unique ambient noise and sounds are from the whole town being used as a recording studio.  So cool!

NPR Music takes a funny look at who controls the stereo when kids are in the car.  For the records, my kids usually always win, and I just don’t care.


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