Afternoon Brew 03/01/13 – Film Reel Friday




Jack the Giant Slayer – Hollywood certainly knows how to market to me.  This movie seems the most intriguing of this Friday’s new movies.  A battle between giants and humans?  There hasn’t been a battle between giant and man so anticipated since Andre vs. Hulk Hogan.  Well, that might be a stretch, but the cast is intriguing (includes one of my favorite actors, Ewan McGregor) and looks like a cool movie.  Early reviews, as you will see below, are tepid, but I don’t think this movie will fully disappoint.

21 And Over – The movie is being called, the Hangover Jr.  I have no desire to see this movie, but I’m sure that the college going crowd will appreciate the raucous, drunken humor in the film.  Review for this one have been cool, at best. 

Stoker – Now THIS looks like a film worth seeing.  Early critic and viewer reviews are good, and it sounds like a well acted film.  The storyline seems to take a different direction than at first glance, but it looks like one of the better films out over the past couple weeks. 

Phantom – Ed Harris and David Duchovny in the same movie!?!?  I’ll bite.  Not a lot of early reviews on this film, but what I have read gives it a so-so look.  I would be interested and pulled in by the mere presence of David Duchovny in a movie.  The premise is a slightly unhinged Captain of a Soviet Sub (Ed Harris) is sent on a secret mission.  He must navigate his own personal demons and the maneuvering of a rogue KGB group led by David Duchovny’s character.  Sounds delicious. 


Speaking of Phantom, as I said, the review have been so-so.  Marshall Fine says the movie has a strong cast of actors, but the acting ability is not in question, but the overly formal dialogue and thin plot.  Yahoo! Movie News gives it a not-so-nice review, calling it a dressed up made for TV movie (ouch). 

Stoker’s reviews, as I said, are a lot better.  Marshall Fine says the cinematography and story-telling is stellar, and hedges his bets that the average viewer will like the story and the suspense of this movie. gives the movie a lesser review, saying director Park Chan-Wook’s direction leaves something lost in translation of style from South Korea to America, and the style of movie comes off as slightly absurd and a parody

Jack the Giant Slayer, not surprisingly, seems like the most fun to see, but also is probably the most disappointing of the bunch. Marshall Fine, busy man this week, says the Jack the Giant Slayer is “midget-brained” and we should expect more.  Thankfully, he’s nice to Ewan McGregor (I’m biased toward Obi-Wan).  Matt Mueller at has a different take, and gives us the Top 5 Movie Giants, which I appreciated and includes my favorite giant, Fezzik, from the Princess Bride. 


Why I Love Django Unchained – Consarnit! I need to see this movie ASAP as possible (Nate Crites homage). 

The new Wizard of Oz movie, Oz the Great and Powerful, looks pretty rad.  Check out the new trailer leading up to the release! 

A Star Wars News Roundup?!  It’s a little bit of Western jargon added to a mixed bag of Star Wars news bits!  I’m glad it addresses important items like asking Dennis Lawson if he is going to reprise his role as Wedge Antilles in the new Star Wars movies. 

The post Oscar fallout is falling squarely on Seth MacFarlane (and probably deservedly so).  Empire asks if he is a lame duck or Oscar hero?  And Yahoo! Movie News reports MacFarlane is one and done as the host.  He’s probably not best for the Oscars.  Funny in a classy sort of way is not MacFarlane, which is what you need for a high glitz event like the Oscars. 

There and Back Again, the third Hobbit Installment, is slated for 2014 release.  Seeing how the first movie went, and basing it off the hype-style disappointment of the Phantom Menace, one can only hope the next two go up from here. 

And one last bit.  Colin Mochrie says that “Who’s Line Is It Anyway?”, one of the most hilarious shows to ever air on television, is back on ABC!


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