Afternoon Brew 02/28/13


Verge Network Regional – Chicago – Any one want to go on November 1st and 2nd?  Hirsch is speaking and can learn a bit more about missional church and being a gospel community on mission! 

IX Marks Review – Everyday Church – 9 Marks has a nice review of Steve Timmis and Tim Chester’s book, Everyday Church.  This book is fantastic, and is a great follow up to Total Church.  I highly recommend this book to any church planter or church looking to transition to a more missional mindset. 

Young Adults After the Recession – Pew Research has a look at the spending and consumption habits of adults under 35 after the recession.  This seems pretty consistent with Tina and I, as well as what I have heard from others. There is a downplaying of debt and less consumerism.  I’m not surprised, but I still think there is much work to do in teaching burgeoning generations to be responsible with money and steward it well for the present and future. 

History of the Missional Church – A cool look at the history of the Missional Church, starting with Lesslie Newbigin and some of his writings after returning from India in the 70’s.  I guess this Brew turned into a Missional Brew today, so enjoy and you can click on other links to the other articles in the series.  Well worth the time and investment in finding out how missiology has changed in the past decades.


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