Noon Brew 02/27/13


5 Observations From the Oscars – Luke Simmons shares some good cultural insights from watching Sunday night’s Academy Awards.

Missing School to Work in the Mine – The New York Times reports on the ever-present problem in India of illegal child laborers, better known as slaves.  Child labor is a major problem in developing, large countries like India, and the problem is only compounded when trafficking of kids from other countries becomes involved, as well.  The conditions are horrendous and the safety of the mining operations are hazardous, putting many of these children (some as young as 5 according to reports) at serious risk. 

Just Courage – Speaking of trafficking and human rights issues, Gary Haugen’s book Just Courage, is $2.99 on the Kindle today.  I am picking up my copy, and would advise you to do likewise.  There are few more reputable and godly men than Gary Haugen, and his work with IJM is well-respected among world governments and Christian churches. 

The University As An Unreached People Group – Bruce Ashford launches a three-part blog series on reaching the American University, and how little Christians have actually done to influence the shaping of the students coming out of it.  Looking forward to this group of posts and stay tuned since it sounds like he is going to touch some good ground. 

Raising Kids In A Pornified Culture – Zach Nielsen, blogger at Take Your Vitamin Z, and pastor at the Vine Church in Madison, writes at the Gospel Coalition how we can effective raise our kids in a pornified culture.  I really appreciate his points and realize the relational, cultural, and spiritual dangers pornography has caused in my own life.


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