Morning Brew 02/26/13


Why Johnny Cash Still Matters – Russell Moore has a great post on “The Man In Black”, whose birthday is today.  Happy birthday to one of the most real, down-to-earth, gritty artists who have ever lived. Moore touches on what makes Cash so appealing to both older and younger generations, and why his persona and message will endure in our culture.  Cash has a raw and painful honesty about his music and demeanor that resonates with me and countless others. He also makes some very good, catchy music. 

Social Justice or the Proclamation of the Gospel? – Joe Hellerman has a really good post on social justice and the gospel from the Book of Amos.  He shares some compelling points and concludes that to pit social justice against the gospel is to create a false dichotomy.  Frequently (and this is my own observations) people cannot see the distinctives of the gospel that it is both the good news of salvation of sinners (what has been called Gospel Power) and the creating of a people who live in light of this good news (Gospel Purpose) which includes social justice.  A lack of either of these emphases is not adequate and loses the full gospel. 

The Walking Dead: What Would David Chase Do?The Atlantic shares a roundtable discussion on the latest episode of the Walking Dead (my favorite show on TV).  I share the roundtable’s disappointment on the latest episode, and I am starting to feel the rather molasses-like nature of how the show is progressing.  I get the distinct feeling that the writers and stretching this story arc out until it reaches 16 episodes, and the unfortunate part is they are doing it at the expense of character development.  So much potential is being tossed away at the moment, and it is getting a little tiring. 

5 Leadership Lessons from the Doctrine of the Trinity – Jamie Munson, former Executive Pastor of Mars Hill Church – Seattle, shares 5 lessons we can learn about leadership from the Trinity.  I really appreciate and like his observations on humility and leaders submitting.

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