Noon Brew 02/21/13


Motherhood for the Rest of Us – I know, I’m a dude, but my wife shared this and I always appreciate The Gospel Coalition and Desiring God’s frontal assault on the “Mommy Wars”.  Christina Fox is honest about the expectations that are usually put on moms in America and how life is just not like that.  We do not have it all together and are not perfect, but Christ is perfect and is our help and satisfaction in the messiness of life.  Very good stuff! 

The Hard Lessons of Oscar Pistorious – If you have been following this at all, this is just an awful letdown of a story.  Pistorious has gone from astronomical heights of inspiration to sinking lows of being accuses of murdering his girlfriend and steroids being found in his place during the investigation.  What caught my eye even more than this story is the author mentioning Michael Jordan and his recent appearance on Outside the Lines.  The author shares some insights into selling oneself for success and popularity.  Matt Smethurst at the Gospel Coalition website has an article on Jordan’s OTL piece, as well and it is very good.  Smethurst says:

“As a Christian, it’s easy to read a piece like Thompson’s and feel discouraged, even disgusted, by Jordan’s egotism. Yet as psychologists clamor to diagnose Jordan’s condition, we feel no surprise. The distance between him and us is, after all, uncomfortably slim. We want to be the most important person in every room; he is. As the apostle might say, who is sufficient for these things?”

It blows me away that Jordan’s nickname on overseas trips, for security purposes, is Yahweh.  Doesn’t really give you the feeling that Jordan has a humble view of himself after 30 years of being viewed as a god.  This is an extremely important read. 

From American Idol to The Gray HavensTrevin Wax has a two-part interview (Part 1) (Part 2) with David Radford of Gray Havens, a band he fronts with his wife, Licia.  Dave was once a contestant on American Idol and recently released their debut EP, Where Eyes Don’t Go.  This music is really good, and hopefully someday I can meet this dude.  He only lives a couple of hours away in Crystal Lake, IL.  You can check him out on Noisetrade or on Spotify.

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