Morning Brew 02/20/13


The Explosive Growth of U.S. Megachurches, Even While Many Say There Day Is Done – Ed Stetzer throws out some more research and facts that show Megachurches are not going anywhere, and we will most likely continue to see a trend toward megachurches.  Stetzer alwasy says, “Facts are friends,” and his facts say all they need to say.  I say, praise God, and whether you are a part of a small, organic church or a large, attractional church, get involved and keep pushing to be a part of the body, big or small. 

The Four G’s – God Is Glorious – A link to Soma Communities video on one of the Four G’s, a pastoral handle put together by Tim Chester to help Christians counsel and pastor one another in the gospel.  I highly recommend Chester’s book on this, You Can Change, and the Four G’s are something I have taught my kids to begin helping them to see that who God is and what He has done in Christ shapes who we are and how we live. 

Lil’ Wayne, Lecrae, and Redemption – Jemar Tisby at Urban Faith discusses the interesting juxtaposition of the music and lyrics of Lecrae and Lil’ Wayne, who have both won Grammys.  Lecrae raps as a missionary and speaks into the absurdity and danger of gangster culture, while Lil’ Wayne raps unapologetically about sex, drugs, rape, and violence against women and men.  This article made me incredibly thankful for Lecrae’s example and message. 

Minnesota Megachurch to go Mennonite? – Christianity Today reports on Woodland Hills Church, a Converge church (the denomination I am a part of) and a prominent megachurch in the Minneapolis area.  This church is led by Greg Boyd, a prominent open-theist pastor and very controversial one at that.  This is news, since it’s weird that Converge has an open-theist church in its denomination and it’s probably best for Woodland to find a different denomination that fits their theology.

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