Morning Brew 02/19/13


Post-Apocalyptic Parenting in “The Walking Dead” – An interesting take on where the Walking Dead, the best show on TV, could go next.  I would have to agree that the story-telling has gone flat as of late, and I like the author’s suggestion on where the show could go next to regain some pathos and interest.

What’s Your Next Move, Young Leader? – Helpful advice on what young leaders can be doing as the prepare and step into roles of leadership in the church.  I especially appreciated #2 and #3.

The Beards of Ministry – You’re welcome.

A Gospel-Centered Church Will Have Their Eyes Open to Racial Issues – “If you start at the beginning of the Bible, particularly in Genesis 12 we read of God’s calling of Abraham. He was to leave his country (Gen. 12.1), be blessed and bless (12.2), even to bless all the families of the earth (12.3). Here in the early chapters of God’s promise plan of redemption we see the intention of God to spread this blessing beyond one family and one nation. That is, God’s promise to Abraham (and his descendants) has a multi-ethnic goal.”

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