Top 5 Coffee Moments in TV/Movie History

Coffee is by far one of my favorite things.  I can’t remember when I didn’t drink coffee, but I think that is because I was half awake.

Anyway, I could think of nothing better than to combine two of my favorite things, coffee and the movies/TV.  Enjoy the hilarity when you mix these two delicious ingredients.

Honorable Mention – Jimmy Kimmel Live – Starbucks Taste Test

Hilarious on-the-street taste test by Jimmy Kimmel to taste the difference between Starbucks $7 coffee and regular coffee.  Wait for the surprise ending that makes the tasters look really dumb.

#5 – Bill Murray’s scene in Coffee and Cigarettes 

Bill Murray makes a surprise appearance with members of the Wu-Tang Clan.  Nothing funnier than Bob Wiley making an appearance with gangster rappers.  I couldn’t even get the best part in the scene, but he chugs his pot of coffee right at the end.  Enjoy the French subtitles.

#4 – George Costanza from Seinfeld can’t come upstairs for coffee

Poor George, he should have worked for NORAD.

#3 – Coffee Scene with Quentin Tarantino in Pulp Fiction

Nothing like some casual conversation with some really good coffee while trying to dispose of a dead guy.  Tarantino always has a good line in his movies, but this has to be the best one of the bunch.

#2 – Brendan Fraser drinks coffee in George of the Jungle

Terrible movie, funny scene.

#1 – Fry and 100 Cups of Coffee from Futurama

A little context for this scene.  Fry spends the whole show drinking cups of coffee to reach 100 cups and hilarity ensues.  When he does reach 100, clarity ensues.

What do you think?  Did I miss any?  I’m sure I did, but these are a sampling of the very best.

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