Morning Brew 02/14/13

Virginity Isn’t Our Holy Grail – There has been a lot of black pixels typed out about virginity, purity groups, and some volleying back and forth on sexual purity, grace, and the church.  The Her.menuetics blog addresses this and some of the authors making the rounds on this issue.  I appreciate their take and their emphasis on grace and God’s laws on sexual purity don’t leave us condemned but fling us to the cross and grace in Jesus Christ.  I think that is what some of the people writing on this issue are missing.  Instead of trying to create a new law on sexual purity, let’s throw ourselves down at the foot of the cross and realize that our sexual past is erased by the blood of Christ.  We no longer have to prove ourselves by making a new law of sexual purity that cheapens God’s grace through Jesus Christ. 

PBS Interviews Lecrae – Justin Taylor shares an interview PBS did with Lecrae.  Check out his album, Gravity, which is a fantastic album and a Grammy-winner.  Check out a recent short article by Mark Driscoll that links to a bunch of previous Lecrae interviews and songs. 

The Creepy, Mysterious, Interesting History of Valentine’s Day – I always love it when the Re:surgence highlights the different “Saint Day’s”, and Valentine’s Day has a much more obscure and weird past than St. Patrick’s Day.  No one is really sure where Valentine’s Day came from, and like many of our holidays today, they either come from church history, Roman holidays, or a mix of both.  Especially interesting is the possible origins of who is known as St. Valentine. 

How A Mentor Will Change Your LifeTyler Braun guest blogs at Ron Edmonson’s blog on finding a mentor.  Really good, short advice on how a mentor can walk alongside you and help transfer experience and life to you.  Btw, Tyler’s book on Holinesss is FREE this week on the Kindle!  Get it HERE

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