Morning Brew 02/13/13

He Wants Your Heart – Christine Hoover at the Desiring God Blog gives out wisdom to church planting wives.  Especially pertinent for my sweetie, Tina, since we’ll be doing this in the near future.  Tina has felt quite a few things that this article shares, as we have walked through a lot of the implications of being a church planting couple. 

Pastor’s Conference Audio and Video – Speaking of Desiring God, here is the audio and video from the Pastor’s Conference held there last week.  I have been to the conference three times now, not including this one, and I have always enjoyed and benefited greatly from the messages and the time together with other pastors and dudes.  Hopefully I will be there next year! 

American Reveal Their Three Favorite Sins – Honestly, I thought the same thing that most people would think.  Americans are obsessed with sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll.  However, a recent Barna Research report shows that the three favorite sins of Americans are procrastination, overeating, and spending too much time on media.  Now, to be fair, media is not sinful, and neither is food or rest, but when we take those good things and make them God things, that’s a bad thing.  My question to you is, are you turning these good things (food, rest, media) and making them your satisfaction and joy?  This report shows us that we’re not as great as we think we are.  We Christians may do pretty good at not having pre-marital sex or looking at porn, but are we trusting God with our spare time and with our diets?  Things to pray and reflect on. 

What Would Mohammed Do About U.S. Pastor in Iran? – An interesting take on Pastor Abedini’s imprisonment in Iran for evangelizing.  Qasim Rashid is a Muslim, and he espouses that Mohammed would be upset at Iran’s treatment of Abedini, a Christian pastor, and that Mohammed spoke of peace and pluralism among all religions.  I’m not a Muslim scholar, nor am I overly familiar with the deeper traditions of Islam, but I am now interested to dig into his references to find out more.  Lastly, I’m thankful someone who is not a Christian is standing up for Abedini. 

9 Books That Church Planters Must Read – Adam Sinnett shares his books that he thinks every church planter should read before and during planting.  I couldn’t agree more, and plan on reading a couple of the books I hadn’t read that made his list. 

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